1. Response to a web page claiming the Parthian Language as Ancient Turkish - by Dr.  G. R. F. Assar
  2. Parthian Is Not Turkish - by Dr. Kaveh Farrokh
  3. Response to Pan-Turkist Manipulation of the Demographics of Iran
  4. Politicization of the background of Nizami Ganjavi: Attempted de-Iranization of a historical Iranian figure by the USSR
    (PDF version) By: Dr. Ali Doostzadeh
  5. Response to the false book of Alireza Asgharzadeh by Garshap (PDF Version)
  6. A Study about the Persian Cultural Legacy and Background of the Sufi Mystics Shams Tabrizi and Jalal al-Din Rumi (PDF Version) - by Dr. Ali Doostzadeh
  7. Retort to Daily Telegraph's article against Cyrus the Great - by Dr. Kaveh Farrokh
  8. Pan-Arabism's Legacy of Confrontation with Iran - by: Dr. Kaveh Farrokh
  9. Response to Spiegel Magazine's Attack on the Legacy of Cyrus the Great - Dr. Kaveh Farrokh
  10. Some remarks on Farabi’s background: Iranic (Soghdian/Persian) or Turkic(Altaic)? - by: Goshtasp Lohraspi
  11. Response to a website which has used a misprinted map to claim historicity for invalid terms for the Persian Gulf  by: Shahin Nurani
  12. On the necessity of the unity of Iranian people – Shapur Arya
  13. A note on the Linguistic Turkicization of Azerbaijan, Arran and Sherwan - Shir-e Dalir
  14. The History of National Catastrophe – Rahim Masov
  15. Nozhat al-Majales – Encyclopedia
  16. A response to pan-Turkist exaggerated claim and falsification of numbers regarding the downfall of Ferqeh by: Mehrazar Suren
  17. Review of the book: "The Image of Arabs in Modern Persian Literature" by: Prof. Lewis Franklin
  18. Siavash Lornejad and Ali Doostzadeh "On the Modern Politicization of the Persian Poet Nezami Ganjavi", Edited by Victoria Arakelova, YEREVAN SERIES FOR ORIENTAL STUDIES, Yerevan, October 2012. (PDF Version)




Historical Revisionism and Persophobic Policies of the Former Soviet Union and its Communist and Separatist Clients

·                              Soviet De-Iranization policies in the Caucasus and Central Asia (2008)

·                              -نقش امپراتوری روسیه در قطع ارتباطهای ایران و قفقاز-

·                              -محمد امین رسول زاده،«پیامبر » هزار چهرهً تجزیه طلبان آذری تبار را بشناسیم-دکتر کاظم رنجبر-Dr. Kazem Ranjbar (Sociologist): Understanding Mohammad Amin Rasulzadeh, the 1000 faced “prophet” of Azari separatists – see also article on Rasulzadeh and the Musavats in Lezgistan website -

·                              A response by the late Professor Abbas Zaryab Khoi to the Magazine “Azerbaijan” (published by Ferqeyeh Democract) (pdf file)  – Abbas Zaryab Khoi, Ayandeh Magazine, Esfand Maah (February-March), 1324 (1945), pages 780-781. (Iran) – Original Persian with Translation at: (www.archive.org)

·                              حزب توده: گفت وگو با دآتر حميد احمدى و آاوه بيات درباره اسناد تازه فرقه دموآرات-The Tudeh Party: Discussion with Dr. Hamid Ahmadi and Kaveh Bayat regarding new revealed documnents of the Ferqeh Demokrat Party (in Persian) (pdf)

·                              Former Communists of Bulgaria: removing references of the Iranian legacy of Bulgarians (video)

·                              Response to pan-Turkist Falsification of numbers regarding the downfall of Ferqeh

On-Line Book

·                              Pan-Turanism takes aim at Azarbaijan (2005). Also posted at UN Association in Geneva. Note Citations of book also made in academic venues. See a peer-reviewed analysis of Kaveh Farrokh’s book: Reza Saberi-Review of Kaveh Farrokh Pan-Turanism Takes Aim at Azerbaijan-The Persian Book Review: A Quarterly on Arts and Literature, Winter 2005-2006, Volume XV Number 46, pages 89-95. See also review by Reza Saberi in Iranboom site: -معرفی کتاب پان‌تورانیسم آذربایجان را هدف می‌گیرد- (see news release of The Persian Blog Review).

Interview of Yusef Amiri (http://asvaran.blogspot.com) with Kaveh Farrokh (کاوه فرخ) on the history of promoting Persophobia, separatism and pan-Turkism against Iran

·                              -سوال اول:- نقش امپراتوری روسیه در قطع ارتباط های ایران و قفقاز–Question 1: Discuss Imperial Russia’s programs to sever the ties of the Caucasus with Iran

·                              -سوال دوم: واکنش ایرانیان به جداشدن قفقاز چه بود-Question 2: What was the Iranians’ Reaction to Severing of the Caucasus?

·                              Question 3: How and when did the myth of a “North Azarbaijan” versus “South Azarbaijan” first originate?

·                              Question 4: Describe the Ideology, Founders and Objectives of Pan-Turkism.

·                              Question 5: Was the Ferqeh Democrat and Jaafar Pishevari’s movement in 1946 Pan-Turkist?

·                              Question 6: What is the role of the Government of Baku in Promoting Pan-Turkism?

·                              Question 7: Why are Western Governments Silent with respect to Pan-Turkism?

·                              Question 8: How are Iranians themselves Promoting Persophobia, Pan-Turkism and Separatism?

Iranian Azarbaijanis Opposed to Pan-Turkism

·                              Book Review: Azarbaijan: Ethnicity and the Struggle for Power in Iran (by Dr. Touraj Atabaki) (2003)

·                              Azarbaijan, Arran and the Azarbaijani Language (in Persian): This aticle is by Dr. Nosratollah Jahanshahlou Afshar (ex-member of the pro-Soviet 1946 Pishevari Movement)

·                              Iranian-Azarbaijani popular singer-guitarist, Kourosh Yaghmai, sings Khake Vatan (“Soil of the Fatherland” in mp3) against the Stalnist-sponsored separatist movement of  Azarbaijan in 1945-1946.

·                              Iranian Azarbaijanis claim Republic of Azarbaijan (former Arrna province and various Khanates) as lost Iranian province

·                              Various Postings and E-Mails by Kaveh Farrokh

·                              Videos of Iranian Azarbaijanis opposed to Pan-Turkism

·                              Short video of Iranian roots of Azarbaijan

·                              -پان‌ترک‌ها، راه‌زنانی فرصت‌طلب-

·                              The Azari Mihandoost Website

Pan-Turkism: Revising History, Language and Literature

·                              English translation of Professor Enayatollah Reza’s book “Azerbaijan and Aran (Caucasian Albania)” into English by Rouben Galichian

Works of Rouben Galichian (Publications & Interviews)

·                              Rouben Galichian (2010). Azerbaijan, Armenia and the Showcasing of Imagination (second, revised and expanded edition). London/Yerevan: Gomitas Institute & Printinfo Art Books. ISBN: 978-1-903656-86-0.  (pdf)

·                              Book review and analysis by Farrokh, K. (2013) on Rouben Galichian, The Clash of Histories in the South Caucasus. Iran Nameh, 28:4 (Winter), pp. 160-167. -فرخ, کاوه (1392). برخورد تاریخها در قفقاز جنوبی، بازنگاری نقشه‌های آذربایجان، ارمنستان و ایران. سال بیست و هشتم، شماره ۴، زمستان ۱۳۹۲ -

·                              Rouben Galichian interview on how the Republic of Azerbaijan falsifies history (May 19, 2014)

·                              Press TV interview on Galichian book “The Clash of Histories in the South Caucasus: Redrawing the Maps of Armenia, Azerbaijan and Iran (July 20, 2014)

School and University Textbooks in the Republic of Azerbaijan

·                              Hussein Ahmadi (2011). An examination of school textbooks in the Republic of Azerbaijan (with special emphasis on history books). (in Persian). Motaleat-e melli, 46, Year 12, No.2, pp. 2.33. (pdf)

Cyrus the Great

·                              Attacks and Vandalism against the Legacy of Cyrus the Great (Updated January 18, 2009)

·                              Farda News: -توهین به کورش کبیر در دانشگاه تبریز-Insulting Cyrus the Great in Tabriz (in Persian)

·                              Pan-Turk Ideology versus Cyrus the Great: Retort by Dariush Kiani (In Persian text only; Added July 5, 2009)

·                              -مرگ کورش بزرگ و پانترکسیم-Pan-Turkism and Cyrus the Great (in Persian)

·                              Reza Moradi Qiasabadi – رضا مرادی غیاث آبادی-: (pan-Turk academic in Iranian Studies who supports pan-Turkism): -هجوم مغول ویرانگرتر بود یا هجوم کورش؟- The onslaught of the Mongol conqueror or Cyrus the destroyer? – رنج‌های بشری-The sufferings of humanity- See sample of Qiasabadi’s pan-Turkist beliefs in this pan-Turk site – Note how Qiasabadi praises the anti-Semite conspiracy theorist Nasser Pourpirar – see critical response to this revisionist in Persian -منشور کورش و ماجرای سرقت رضا مرادی غیاث آبادی-The Cyrus Cylinder and the thievery actions of Reza Moradi Qiasabadi

Nizami Ganjavi

·                              Lornejad, S., & Doostzadeh, A. (2012). On the Modern Politicization of the Persian poet Nizami Ganjavi. Yerevan Series for Oriental Studies (Volume I), Edited by Garnik S. Asatrian. Yerevan: Caucasian Centre for Iranian Studies. (pdf) – NOTE: This is the Official Digitized Version by Victoria Arakelova; with errata fixed from the print edition.

·                              Azargoshnasp-نظامی گنجوی و پاسخ‌هایی به پان‌ترکیستها-Nezami-ye Ganjei and responses to pan-Turkist falsifications-

·                              -دیوان ترکی نظامی گنجوی کشف ادبی قرن یا دروغ و تحریف بزرگ قرن-The Turkish Divan of Nizami Ganjavi: the biggest literary discovery of the century or the biggest forgery of the century?

·                              Baku to replace Persian-inscribed tiles at Nezami mausoleum (September, 12, 2013)


·                              مولانا و ادعاهای پان ترکیستان- A Study on the cultural and ethnic associations of the Persian poet Rumi and examination of some recent forgeries (in Persian by Azargoshnasp)

·                              Pan-Turks and a single verse by Molana — (in Persian by Shahrbaraz) -پان‌ترکان و یک رباعی از مولانا-

·                              A Study about the Persian Cultural Legacy and Background of the Sufi Mystics Shams Tabrizi and Jalal al-Din Rumi (in pdf by Rahgozari Minootalab)

·                              -توهین به نظامی و مولوی و دهخدا چگونه مجوز گرفته و حمایت شده است؟- How have insults against Molavi (Rumi), Nezami and Dehkhoda been Officially Promoted and Protected?(in Persian)

·                              - پاسخی به مقاله «مولانا ترک است و فقط چند روزی از خاک ایران رد شده»-  Pesponse to the claim that “Mowlana is a Turk and only passed through Iran for a few days” (in Persian)

·                              Bahram Shahnazar: Notes on Rumi’s Iranian Origins

Abu Ali Sina and Bahmayar

·                              ابوعلی ابن سینا و شاگردش بهمنیار و پاسخی به تحریف پان ترکیستها- Response to Pan-Turkist Revisionism regarding Abu Ali Sina and his Student Bahmanyar (in Persian)

Abu Rayhan e Biruni

·                              بوریحان بیرونی خورازمی و تمدن خواری پان ترکیسم  -Abu-Reihan e Biruni, Khwarazmi and pan-Turkists (in Persian)

Nozhat ol Majales

·                              The Nozhat ol Majales: A major document proving the Persian legacy of Azarbaijan - see article by Shahrbaraz in Persian – معرفی نزهه المجالس – by Shahrbaraz

·                              Original textbook of  document available at: Nozhat ol Majles (in pdf).


·                              دو دروغ پان‌ترکیستها در مورد شاهنامه-Responding to Two Pan-Turk Fabrications regarding the Shahname (in Persian)

Babak Khorramdin

·                              بابک خرم‌دین و پان‌تركیسم -Babak Khorramdin and pan-Turkist claims (in persian)

·                              Azargoshnasp: Babak Khorramdin and pan-Turks

·                              Sahar News Service: Building the Statue of Babak Khorramdin in Baku, Another movement to falsify the History

Shah Ismail

Shahrbaraz Blog: The Republic of Azarbaiajn (former Arran) and the Vatican

Language family Studies

·                              Language family Studies and Pan-Turkist manipulaiton -پان ترکیستها و دروغی به نام «اقوام همریشه التصاقی زبان»! - (in Persian)

·                              Disproving claims of Parthian being Turkish (2003)

·                              This article is byProfessor G.R.F. Assar: Response to a webpage claiming the Parthian language as ancient Turkish

Politicization of the term “Turan”

·                              Article by Iranshahr website providing insight on the term  Turanian and the misunderstanding that Turanian are Turks

The Ancient Game of Polo

·                              UNESCO being misled by Post-Soviet Era Falsifiers of History: the case of the game of Polo

Books by writers promoting pan-Turkism

1.                        Mohammad Taqi Zehtabi (a member of Pishevari’s pro-Soviet movement in 1946) wrote:  Tarikh e Direen e Torkan e Iran [The Ancient History of the Turks of Iran].  This book routinely falsifies references and relies on pan-Turk and Soviet-era literature to revise history. Download this book in 13 parts in pdf: Zehtabi-01, Zehtabi-02, Zehtabi-03, Zehtabi-04, Zehtabi-05, Zehtabi-06, Zehtabi-07, Zehtabi-08, Zehtabi-09, Zehtabi-10, Zehtabi-11, Zehtabi-12, Zehtabi-13.

2.                        Firooz Mansouri book review of Javad hayat’s book on Turkic Languages in Iran(in persian in pdf)

3.                        Dr. Alireza Asgharzadeh’s “Iran and the Cahllenge of Diversity” in 2007:   This book falsifies references and relies on pan-Turk and Soviet-era literature as well as anti-Semitic writers such as Nasser Pourpirar to revise history. See analysis of Dr. Asgharzadeh’s book by Azargoshnasp (An analysis of the Book by Dr. Alireza Asgharzadeh in pdf) and Kaveh Farrokh’s analysis of Dr. Asgharzadeh’s text.  Download this book in pdf: Iran and the Challenge of Diversity: Islamic Fundamentalism, Aryanist Racism,and Democratic Struggles (2007).

4.                        George Bournoutian, review of The Azerbaijani Turks: Power and Identity Under Russian Rule, by Audrey L. Altstadt, in the Armenian Review 45, no. 3 (Autumn 1992), pp. 63-69 (pdf). This book is noteworthy for its selective references and its reliance on pan-Turk and Soviet-era literature.

5.                        Reviews of Brenda Shaffer’s “Borders and Brethren: Iran and the Challenge of Azerbaijani Identity“. Evan Siegal’s review in Iranian Studies, Volume 37, Issue 1 March 2004 , pages 140 – 143 (pdf) see longer version of Siegel’s review (click here). Touraj Atabaki’s review in Slavic Review, 63:1 (2004) (pdf).

Books, Articles and Writers by various writers and professors against Pan-Turkism and Pan-Turkist Claims

·                              Victor A. Shnirelman (2001): ‘The value of the Past: Myths, Identity and Politics in Transcaucasia’, Osaka: National Musuem of Ethnology.(pdf)

·                              Pan Turkism and Iran (in Persian) by Kaveh Bayat (pdf)

·                              Rustam Kamravan: Questioning Pan-Turk Claims

·                              Responses to Pan-Turkist manipulation of Statistics (pdf)

·                              ریشه‌های ایران ستیزی پان ترکیست‌ها در ایران-The Roots of Pan-Turkist anti-Persianism in Iran (in Persian)

·                              سوسکها و پان ترکیستها -The Cockroach  issue(in Persian)

·                              A German Reference to Pan-Turkism (March 17, 2009)

·                              Ahmad Kasravi: Role of Mohammad Ali Shah Qajar in Promoting Ethnic Conflicts between Persian and Tukic Speakers -روایت احمد کسروی از تلاش محمدعلی شاه برای راه انداختن دعوای ترک وفارس -

·                              Ehsan Shaghasemi and Bijan Tafazol (2011). Intercultural Demonization on the Web: A Qualitative Approach to the Iranian Blog Sphere (pdf)).  International Conference on Conflict, Terrorism and Society: Societies Unde Siege Proceedings, Kadir Has University, Istanbul, Turkey, pp.125-131.

·                              -پان‌ترکیسم، خطر جدی برای ایرانی‌تباران  و راهکاری برای مقابله با آن- Pan-Turkism a serious threat for Iranians and ways of confronting it.

·                              -برای حفظ تمدن قوم ایرانی ، ایرانیان زیر ستم پانترکیسم را نجات دهیم-Saving Iranians chafing under the oppresion of pan-Turkism

·                              -نويسنده: تارا فرهید -سخنى چند در باره جستار ستم ملى -Tara Farhid: A Discussion regarding alleged “National Injustices”

·                              Iranian Roots of Azarbaijan (Video)

Pan-Turkism in Central Asia and the Caucasus

·                              The Axed Persian Identity: Part I by the now defunct Tajikestanweb.com – available in Persian: کیستی تبرخورده‌ی زبان پارسی

·                              تاجيکان ازبکستان-The Tajiks of Uzbekistan (in Persian)

·                              پان تورکیست های اوزبیک، خطرناک تر از فاشیست های اوغان -Uzbek Pan-Turks: More Dangerous than the Fascists of Oghan:(in Persian)-by www.tajikam.com

·                              Attack on a Lezgian Mosque by www.Farda.us See also “Ethnic repressions against Lezgians

·                              افشاگري عالمانه در مبارزه دايم و بي امان با جريان شوم پانتركيسم – تات ها  – Pan-Turkism against the Tats of the Caucasus (in Persian)

Western Media articles on Pan-Turkism

·                              New York Times (1936): Turks teach new Theories

·                              The Canadian Jewish News (March 6, 2009): Jews must Reject Turkey’s Genocide Denial

Iranian Media articles on Pan-Turkism and the dangers of Separatism (in Persian)

·                              Tabnak News (April 25, 2009):The background on the role of Baku in promoting the Balkanization of Iran

·                              Tabnak News (April 25, 2009): The Case of Daghestan

·                              Noor Portal News Service: National integrity the threat of ethnic seperatism

·                              Video (in Persian) by Iranian youth Mehran Zormehr warning against Internal Conflict in Iran (posted June 25, 2009)

·                              Turkish Prime minister declares Ibn Sina (Avicenna), Khwarazmi, and Farabi as Turks (reported in Persian by Balatarin News Service) and in Turkish by the Hurriyet newspaper on September 24, 2009). Consult also Analysis by Shahrbaraz in Persian

Websites educating on the Legacy of ancient Iran in the Caucasus (in Azari-Turkic)

·                              The Anti Pan-Turan Movement

Endangered Peoples of the Caucasus: Lezgians and Talysh

·                              Lezgistan TV (In Russian – English translator in site)

·                              -تالش زمین Taleshzamin толышыстон-

·                              Taleshon

Pan-Turk Activists: Spreading Racialist Propaganda  and Engaging in Vandalism

·                              The case of Mr. Hossein Seddiq: نخستين حركتهاي شوروي در ايران-[ The first Soviet movements in Iran], -حسین محمد زاده صدیق را بیشتر بشناسیم [Familiarizing with Mr. Hossein Seddiq] -نگاهی به مانیفیست جدید پان ترکیسم [A Look at the new Manifesto of pan-Turkism].

Madame Fakhteh Zamani

·                              The futility of advocating pan-Turkism: the case of Ms. Fakhteh Zamani (Updated April 30, 2009).

·                              Complaint by Mr. Bahram Sadat-Tehrani against the Durbin Review Conference (April 27, 2009).

·                              Protest letter against Ms. Zamani by Iranian-Azari Writer Nader Paymai (May 5, 2009).

Other pan-Turk activists

·                              The Persphobia of Mehran Bahari

·                              Ahmad Obali of Gunaz TV

·                              Javad Heyat: Baku’s man in Tehran

·                              Tohid Malekzadeh Damghani: Pan-Turkist in Iran’s Ministry of Education

Pan-Turks in Action in Iran (Videos)

·                              The Coackroach cartoon Incident – protests of May 22, 2006 (video)

·                              Demonstration in Tabriz University (May 22, 2008) (video)

·                              Pan-Turks in Soccer Stadiums in the year 2010 (video) – see also An Eye-Witness Account of Pan-Turk Racism during Soccer Game in Tabriz in this Persian penned article (December 9, 2010).

·                              Anti-Iran Pan-Turk Racialists in Tehran Azadi Stadium Chanting “Arab Gulf” August 27, 2010 (video)

·                              Separatist and pan-Turk rallies in Urumiah in February (2009 ) (video)

·                              Pan-Turks attempt to incite hatred against Iranian-Armenians (2011) (video)

·                              Pan-Turks in soccer stadium in Tabriz (2013) (video)

Pan-Turk Racist Propagands

·                              Racist and Persophobic Pan-Turk videos (WARNING: Disturbing Content)

Western politicians promoting Balkanization

·                              Letter to Congressman Dana Rohrabacher Regarding Azarbaijan (September, 1, 2012)

·                              Italian parliament holds hearing from ethno-separatists -سخنرانی دکتر صدیقه عدالتی در پارلمان ایتالیا-

·                              Congresswoman Jane Harmon retracts Statement regarding Iran “Separation” Statements (posted May 22, 2009). Letter by Nader Paymai to Congresswoman Jane Harman (May 28, 2009).

Turkey and the role of pan-Turkism

·                              Article in October 31, 2010 issue of Foreign Affairs-Special Analysis journal which outlines the rising role of pan-Turkism in Turkey and the challenges for Iran.

·                              Today’s Zaman: Iranian Azeris set up national council in Turkey, aspire for Independence

Ad Hominem attacks by Pan-Turks Against Kaveh Farrokh

·                              Pan-Turkist insults Kaveh farrokh in Persian and Turkish (June 26, 2012)

·                              Rude pan-Turkist attacks against Kaveh Farrokh (November 1, 2011)

·                              Pan-Turkist Amin Jaafari of Iran Security Forces threatens Kaveh Farrokh (October 25, 2011)

·                              Racist E-Mail from a Pan-Turk named Mr. Attila (September 11, 2010)

·                              Ad Hominem attacks against Farrokh by pan-Turk activists and interview request (August 13, 2009)

·                              E-mail from “Kemal” in Baku (June 18, 2009)

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