My name is Arya Bahram ( Majid Bahram Beiguy )

I am in 1960 in Tehran , Iran's capital born، But my nationality is Iranian / Austrian

From childhood on, I was difficult and not "everyone darling" and so far I do not want it, because I always said my opinion directly.
"Everybody darling" leads to hypocrisy, especially in the Jet Set Society; The people hate each other, are envious in the heart, and nevertheless you frequent these societies !!! 

Anyway , after graduation my father said to me :

My son, what you want to do ? and I asked him what he could suggest me

He told me:

It's your choice

I have saved money for you

You can either enter and invest in a business or study further

I had never been interested in business but culture , art and science

and I decided to study
 I decided to go to France . you are now asking why France ?

Because enroll for the university was too late and I had no desire to wait a year .

and my brother was already there , and I had sympathy with this language and culture .

So I went away

I learned French a year and I 've enrolled in biology at the University and studied

The theory was good, but not the practice

After a year I had no desire to see a lot of blood and cut open bellies of mice and rabbits !! ,

I had lost my appetite !!

After 1 year, I told myself :

Majid , it really is your dream job  and my answer was : No

No Majid that is not your cup of tea .

I have enrolled myself in sociology and studied linguistics Simultaneously

although it took many years , I was satisfied

During this time, the relationship between Iran and France was not the best and we were victims  !! . Iranians in France

The condition and what demanded the French deliberately were difficult to meet

They have shown me that I'll always be a stranger , something that I will never forget.

I had to leave my brother , my friends, my work , and France . A country that I have grown to love and even though I was well integrated

I came with my wife to Austria and started again from zero in a foreign country

I learned German and I have been interested in multimedia and Art .

You ask what artistic and cultural works do I do?

I have 3 artistic activities

1 draft

Since my childhood I have been interested in drawing. I remember that since my school days, instead of drawing houses and trees like other little kids, I was always interested in shapes and colors and drew. Growing up I painted and designed my own t-shirts and backpacks and was often labeled as a rebellious kid. I love it when my design can be seen on many objects. Yes this is good


2 art photos

I started photography when I was 20 but my interest quickly evolved towards fine art photography, but what is fine art photography to me?

What the experts say:

The term "fine art photography"., has no accepted meaning or definition, but refers to a category of inaccurate photographs taken based on the creative vision of the cinematographer. The main idea behind this genre is that the photographer not only wants to capture a realistic rendering of the subject, but also wants to create a more personal impression - usually evocative or atmospheric. In summary, fine art photography describes any image captured with a camera whose purpose is for aesthetics (i.e. a photograph whose value resides primarily in its beauty).


If you see anything unusual. Either seeing an unusual situation or an object from a different perspective and photographing it quickly, then you have an artistic photo.

For example, two shoes with their shoelaces on the power cables in the street are interesting for me, because how often do you see something like that?

Two lovers kiss under the torrential rain like it's not raining!! How often do you see this?

A pair of shoes together in front of a closed shop!! How are the shoes there? Why are they here?

A little boy and girl alone holding hands alone in a garden!! How often do you see this?

A fine art photographer is a hunter.

Fine art photography used to be much more difficult, but now it is much easier with good equipment.


3 collage art

I've always respected sources. I have learned this in my childhood., I used materials that at first glance seemed worthless, such as colored paper or metal, wood and plastic, and turned them into an art object.


4 Iranian language

I have developed Iranian languages with a new alphabet (Latin in cuneiform) without foreign words and grammar. In my opinion, the current Persian-Arabic language should be replaced with the Iranian language.

Design, poetry, painting, collage painting, fine art photography,

Persian-Arabic / Iranian lexicography and then writing different Iranian dictionaries with my own method, political and social essays,

that was it

Sorry for my English , I am always a Persian !!


My Credos

I detest the lie, double standards and hypocrisy, arrogance, racism, religion and tradition phobia, and extremism regardless of where in the world there are

to Help is a gift from God

Be alert , because then you will not stay behind

If there had been only one life being, his body were a man and his spirit woman

estime the work of others

If you have helped a poor and you are happy  , the light of God is in you

Creativity is in my DNA

If you go every two day hungry to bed , Dawn to other Dawn ; understand what hunger and poverty means, then you appreciate really your next meal and you'll be grateful and happy
If you are not of the same opinion with someone , do not argue with him , but give him a good book ,because with quarrels  and his / her pride he / she will not accept the truth , but perhaps with a book

I do not recognize the so-called "sovereign countries" with massive foreign immigration and then with their violence and war with the assistence of foreign powers.

It is like a tenant with his big family rented a flat and after 10 years does not pay and says this apartment belongs to us !!!
No the apartment also after 100 years always belongs to the Host.

God is the source of knowledge . If you've heard or read something that was not logical and scientific, you know that it is not of him

The person itself is not important , personality is important

A government and a country that  can not guarantee people daily and vital things  is not independent , So how many independent countries we can have as friends ?
Islam is like an old book that needs to be translated for the people . If not , they can read the book , but they will not understand

You ask what artistic and cultural work I do?

Design, Poetry, Painting, Collage Painting, Fine Art Photography, Persian Arabic / Iranian Lexicography

As long as you are alive, be a mutual person
When the culture of a society grows , violence and oppression will disappear
Where is your mosque or church in your house?
Forgive as much as you can, and the others will forgive you so much
If you want to sleep , you need have five things beside your bed : water , tissues , clock , sheet and pencil
If injustice instead of justice prevails , then must reign resistance instead of indifference
Islam is a universal religion and Arab culture , regional culture , one has to distinguish between the life of Islam and the Arabization
Violence is like a rubber band and meaningless : The more you pull , the more comes back
Live so with people that if you are no longer alive , they cry for you
Only those who have died , that no one longer talks about them and they are forgotten
Imitate not the other , be yourself and live your life . Only then they will accept you .
Respect yourself , then others you will also respect
Hijab starts in the head and is also worn on the body ; Hijab for a Man and a woman is like a pearl in a sea shells ; If the pearl is coming out , they move from one hand to the other
Your body is a temple , where your sprit resides . You always want to live in a clean place , so avoid drinking alcohol, to inhale tobacco and drugs and to eat the corpse of the animals.
Speech not vain , but free, because then you will know your friends and enemies
Be serious in your work , but not agressiv
What is a life without music ? Nothing
Our purpose in life : Good thoughts , good speech and good action
Our idea : God , homeland and your elected leaders 
Our speech : try to get a clean environment  
Our action : :try to get a pure sprit in a healthy body
                                                                                                    Arya Bàhram


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